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Volume 4 Edition 1        January – March 2010

Reach Up, Reach Out, Reach Across






  Adventurers’ Day - May 1st

 Christian Home & Marriage - May 8th to 15th

Homecoming/Community Guest Day - May 15th

Children's Day - May 22nd

 Sunday Evening Open Discussion “Raising Teenagers” - May 23rd

 Sanctuary Series (Part 2) - May 29th to June 5th

Men’s Empowerment Day - June 19th

 National Community Services Convention - June 26th

Sunday Evening Open Discussion “Sex, Sexy, and Sexual” -  June 27th


Religious Liberty Day - July 10th


From the Editor: Blink and you missed it! The 1st Quarter of 2010 has come and gone and the church has been busy "reaching up" in special worship services, "reaching out" to our community and "reaching across" to our fellow members. “Reach Up, Reach Out, Reach Across” is expected to be adopted as the world church’s mission focus for the next five years and will be discussed at the upcoming General Conference session. You can see the full article at

During this quarter the Elders of North-western District attended weekly training sessions on church management and leadership which were conducted by our district pastor, Ps. Joseph. The Elders were blessed by these sessions. As a district we also worked the Speightstown area with our Singing Bands, alternating our witnessing at the supermarkets in the area. Listen out for our special ‘Give Back’ concerts happening soon.

Here's a look at what else happened so far this year.


Special Emphasis Services:  Holy Spirit Week, Health Ministries, Women's Day of Prayer, Pathfinder Induction
Choir Visits: National Youth Choir, Crawford Academy

New Additions: Baptisms, Babies
Outreach: Ingathering 2010
Memorials: Pastor Dr. K Eugene Forde, Sis. Dilese Cumberbatch
Extras: Health Nuggets, Fun Corner

 Holy Spirit Week



Above: Elder Greenidge and his daughter Gillian giving praise in song during the first Prayer and Fasting service of the year at the end of Holy Spirit week. The focus for that week  was on Christian Education.



 Special Emphasis Days


Above Left: Sister Barbara Spooner of the Health Ministries Department explains healthy food alternatives to enquiring members. The extensive display was part of the launch for the Eight Weeks to Wellness program. Above right: Sister Angela Smith, the guest speaker for the Women's Day of Prayer, is presented with a token of appreciation by Sister Irvine Bishop of the Women's Ministry Department.


 Pathfinder Induction


The Roseville Pathfinder Club started it's year with the official Induction service to recommit last year's members as well as welcome new members. Pictured above are the club members helping to prepare the candles for the ceremony and standing with their parents during the dedication service.


 Choir Visits


During this quarter we were uplifted by the renditions of the  National Youth Choir when they brought a special service to our church at the end of January.



The church also hosted the Crawford Adventist Academy  band "Concert Winds" and the academy's choir  during their mission trip to Barbados in March. A  short-but-sweet concert in the afternoon left members and visitors wanting to hear more from the Canadian students who also performed at the Frank Collymore Hall  before a full audience. Above left: Principal of the Academy's High School Elder Andrew Thomas delivers the spoken Word during the Academy's visit. Above right: Ps. Joseph presents a token of appreciation to Norman Browne who is the Supervising Principal of the Toronto Adventist District School Board. The Board manages three schools including the Crawford Academy High School and the Elementary School.


New Additions 


There were three (3) new "babes" welcome to the church during this quarter. Pictured above (left) is Elder Greenidge encouraging the parents of baby boy Kyi Headley to nurture and care for their son in the same way that they would care for the plant which he presented to them. Also dedicated was Mickal Josiah King pictured above (right) with Eld. Charles Hinds. 


The church also welcomed Bro. Eucklyn Thompson into fellowship by baptism on January 31st.


Ingathering 2010

In the 2010 Ingathering campaign the church successfully reached its Faith Goal of $9,000.00 in six (6) weeks. Pictured above are the members of the Roseville Pathfinder Club after a successful harvest. Other notable ingatherers included Bro. Deighton Osbourne  and the members of the Singing Band.




The church was saddened by the death of Sis. Dilese Cumberbatch, our former hard-working Janitor, who fell asleep on March 31st. Above left: the group Toque de Cielo (Touch of Heaven) and Bro. Lynbrook Cumberbatch pay tribute to the late Sis. Cumberbatch.




The church also  hosted the memorial service for the late Ps. Dr. K. E. Forde which was organized by the East Caribbean Conference. Pictured above is the group Heavenly Sounds (left) and Ps. Joseph (right) leading out in the service.



 Health Nuggets: Love Your Liver


Your liver:

  • Helps defend against germs.
  • Stores necessary iron, vitamins and minerals, and energy.
  • Helps to clean poisons from the body after drug use (even after prescribed medications).
  • Produces bile for digestion and waste removal.

To keep the liver healthy you can:

  • Avoid alcohol and drug use.
  • Cut back on salty and fatty foods.
  • Be cautious when using insecticides and aerosol sprays.


Fun Corner

Psalms 18:2 - The LORD is my rock, and my fortress, and my deliverer; my God, my strength, in whom I will trust; my buckler, and the horn of my salvation, and my high tower.


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