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Volume 4 Edition 2        April - June 2010



With Such an Army….









 Communion Service -

Oct 9th


Community Services Picnic –

Oct 10th


Children’s Ministries Choir Festival –

Oct 23rd


Adventurer/Pathfinder Evaluation –

Oct 24th & 31st


Sanctuary Seminar 2

with Ps Peters–

Nov 6th to 13th


Community Services Retreat –

Nov 19th


Week of Prayer –

Nov 20th to 27th



Day of Prayer & Fasting–  

Nov 27th 


Community Services Convention (at C.P. School) –

Nov 27th


Pathfinder/Adventurer Congressorie Week )–

Dec 5 to 12th

 (Investiture Dec 11 at Wildey Gymnasium)









From the Editor:


We have entered the fourth quarter of the year…yes, already. Since our last issue we have had our General Conference Session and have seen the election of a new president in the person of Pastor Ted N.C. Wilson. We heard his stirring message calling the Church back to traditional Seventh-day Adventism, back to the fundamental beliefs, back to the daily Bible study and prayer, back to an acceptance of the Spirit of Prophecy as God’s special message for His last-day people.


In a time when many Seventh-day Adventists are less than enthusiastic about reading, studying and using the writings of God’s prophet to this Church, this call is particularly pointed. We wish to encourage all members of God’s Remnant Church to return to the roots of Adventism. We are nearing the end of earth’s history. This is not the time to be fragmenting and questioning our fundamental tenets. This is a time to intensify our relationship with God and use the means He has given us to understand His will.


During this year we also refocused on Christian Education. It is imperative that the home, Church and school work together to guide God’s children and prepare them for life in this world and life in the world to come. In spite of the deficiencies, God has set up an institution and He expects us to embrace it in faith. We encourage you, dear reader, to support our schools and support our children. Work with God to prepare the next generation of leaders for His movement!


Maranatha. Christ is coming. Prepare yourself and others for that great day.














Believe it Compañero, They Went to Panama!


ABOVE: Sis. Andrea Corbin and Eld. Charles Hinds had the wonderful privilege of serving as two of the eleven delegates to the Inter-American Division Festival of the Laity.  They both described the experience as an awesome one, and they thank the Almighty for safe passage and the incredible opportunity to serve in this way for His remnant Church.


What’s New at MAQ?





ABOVE: During the 2nd quarter, a multimedia system complete with two large screens was installed in our main sanctuary.  The effort was spearheaded by the technically-talented youth of the Church in preparation for the live streaming of the General Conference Session on Sabbath, June 26 and July 3, 2010.




ABOVE: Little Ludovic joins the MAQ family.  The dedication service was overseen by the then Communication Director of the Caribbean Union and former Conference President, Pas. James Daniel. The maternal grandparents were also present for the ceremony.



Youth Spotlight




ABOVE: The AY and Pathfinder leaders of our church attended an island wide Youth Training weekend at the Paragon Cadet facility. There they received instruction in areas such as program planning and procedures.



ABOVE: The Adventurer and Eager Beaver teams successfully staged Adventurer Day on May 1, 2010 which saw a number of our little ones boldly reciting various poems and repeating their memory verses.  These little ones have made both their earthly parents and their Heavenly Father very proud.






ABOVE: The Adventurer Bible Bowl Challenge was held in the afternoon of May 1, 2010.  Led by the Youth Director, Pas. Dayle Haynes, this nation event attracted team and many supporters from Indian Ground, Moriah, Eastlyn and Mile &  A Quarter.  Team Moriah were announced winners at the end of the evening, having provided the most correct answers to questions based on Matthew chapters 1-6.





ABOVE: Youth Camp!  Campers headed east this quarter for the annual Pathfinder Camp held at the Grantley Adams Memorial School.  In conjunction with the Youth Ministries Department, the Pathfinders were able to work on attaining varied honours during the Camp which included Knot Tying and Kite Flying.  A big “thank-you” goes to the organizers and to the cooks who were certainly created a stir with their daily epicurean delights!




ABOVE: Colour me youthful, colour me PURPLE!   The day?  Sabbath, April 10, 2010 and if you weren’t wearing purple, then consider yourself as not so young.  The senior youth prepared and presented the programme for both the morning and afternoon sessions under the caption “Homecoming”.

Mile and A Quarter’s Got Talent!! 




ABOVE: It was all about the children in May. The children praised God both inside the church and for all the community to see at an open-air concert in Rose Hill.



Men’s Empowerment Day




ABOVE: Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the Church and gave Himself up for her, Eph 5:25 NIV.  Sabbath, June 19, 2010 was a very special day for all fathers worshipping at Mile & A Quarter.  It was a time to acknowledge the contribution of fathers to individual families and to societies as large where families had the opportunity to express love and respect for their fathers.


Education in Focus


ABOVE: Upon every Christian parent there rests the solemn obligation of giving to his children an education that will lead them to gain a knowledge of the Lord and to become partakers of the divine nature through obedience to God's will and way, Child Guidance p. 304.  Information presented during this quarter’s Education Week, coordinated by Education Secretary Sis. Verna Cozier, proved not only insightful, but also impactful, as many parents opted to enrol their children at the Barbados Seventh-day Adventist Primary and Secondary School for the new school term.  For the nightly services, alumni and current students of both schools were selected to serve on the platform.


Community Outreach



ABOVE: Members of the Community Services department with support from other church members visit the St. Lucy District hospital to share the gospel with the residents there.


Health Nuggets








Potatoes, Fruits, Beans, Natural Cereals

Chocolates, Soft Drinks, Pastries, Sugar Coated Cereals


Break down quickly to release energy

Promote fat accumulation due to excess sugar


 Fun Corner




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