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Volume 5  Edition 2     April – September 2011



Jan 7th – 13th
Holy Spirit Week
North-western District meets at the Speightstown Church



Sab, Jan 14th
National Health Convention
at the Garfield Sobers Gymnasium



Sab, Jan 21st
‘Roll Call’ Service
(commencement of 85th anniversary celebrations)
& Launch of Ingathering Campaign



Wed, Feb 1st
Community Health Forum
(85th anniversary celebrations)
with Sis. Esther Selman slated for the All Saints’ BVTB Centre
7:30 p.m.



Sab, Mar 31st
Maranatha Gospel Campaign
with Ps. Roosevelt Daniels on the Mile & A Quarter Church grounds



Aug 18th – Sep 1st 
85th Anniversary Celebrations










How quickly the year 2011 has flown! God has been good to us and has brought us to the beginning of the new year.  As we reflect we can see loads of opportunities that came our way for witnessing. We are forced to acknowledge that we have not used all of the opportunities. However, our Christianity is a journey and as we move into the New Year, we need to ask God to help us to step up higher and improve our walk.

Let us reflect on 2011 understanding that God has been very good to us. Let us be thankful and grateful for all that He has done for us. Let us continue to look forward to 2012 with hope in a soon-coming King.



Our North-western District (Black Bess, Mile & A Quarter, Speightstown) hosted a 5-week series led by Pastor Jason Reid within the last quarter at Black Bess, St. Peter. The nightly meetings, along with three Sabbath festivals were well attended by guests from Rock Hall, Mangrove, Black Bess and Ashton Hall, with over 100 guests being registered.  The series began with an Open Air Service in Black Bess on Sunday, April 10, 2011 followed by District Prayer Meetings. Also, for preparation for the meetings, a half-night prayer vigil was held at the Speightstown Church where members of the District received messages from God's Word from various presenters and sang praises to our King well past 12:00 midnight. As a result, five new members entered into discipleship at Mile & Quarter: Bro. Carl Headley, Bro. Geoffrey Small, Sis. Jamie Cumberbatch, Sis. Shaorah McClean and Sis. Shamaniah McClean.

Pastor’s Bible classes will continue for the members of the community who expressed interest in knowing more about Christ and His plan for their lives.

image008.jpg@01CCCFD6.ECB86440   image010.jpg@01CCCFD6.ECB86440 

A sneek-peek of the congregation at Black Bess (above left).
 Pastor Jason Reid, the evangelist for the 5-week series (above right)

Below: Candidates prepare for baptism on the 4th and 5th Sabbaths of the campaign

  image012.jpg@01CCCFD6.ECB86440   image020.jpg@01CCCFD6.ECB86440 

Both children and adults repeat their baptismal vows with Eld. Colin Jordan (below) 

image003.jpg@01CCCFD8.94DA45C0       image005.jpg@01CCCFD8.94DA45C0


The contribution and commitment of our dear Pastor "Emeritus" was awarded by the Inter-American Division (IAD) of Seventh-day Adventists in May 2011.  Pastor Everette W. Howell was among a number of former Administrators of the Caribbean Union and the other 12 Unions in the Division who were recognised by way of tributes, plaques and other awards.  Pastor Howell served as Secretary for the Caribbean Union for the period 1991 - 1998.  We join the IAD and salute you for your yeoman service to our Church and community. 

image017.jpg@01CCCFD5.5931EE90     image018.jpg@01CCCFD5.5931EE90

ABOVE left:  Pastor Everette W. Howell receives his award from the President of the IAD, Pastor Israel Leito (left). 
ABOVE right:  Pastor Howell (3rd from left) among other Caribbean Union awardees (right)



Showers of many blessings and shades of cornflower blue and yellow enveloped the double ring ceremony on Sunday, July 31, 2011 for the newest married couple in our congregation - Mr. & Mrs. Brian & Vanessa Griffith.  Officiated by Pastor David Walkes, the couple said "I Do" in the presence of family, members and friends.  We will continue to pray for God's continued guidance and blessings on this couple and their families.

  image024.png@01CCCFD6.ECB86440   image026.png@01CCCFD6.ECB86440


"Representing Christ" in the Northern Zone 

Youth MegaFest in the Northern Zone was every bit as awesome as it promised to be, with young people of 13 churches working together in various ministries over the 2-week series at the Mile & A Quarter Church from June 26 - July 9, 2011.  Live streaming was available each night and many members and visitors attended the services to learn more at the Master's feet by way of four zealous young preachers, Sis. Akelia Skeete, Sis. Shakira Sandiford, Bro. Gilford Henry and Bro. Raphael Boyce from the Cave Hill, Victory, Speightstown and Grape Hall Churches respectively.  

At the end of the sessions, 27 persons, mostly young people, chose to accept Christ's call to discipleship.  God has promised to use our young people in a mighty way, and His promises never fail.


The four preachers were given tokens of appreciation on the final evening of the programme.

image030.jpg@01CCCFD6.ECB86440        image032.jpg@01CCCFD6.ECB86440

ABOVE left: A full-house at Mile & A Quarter supporting the youth
ABOVE right:  27 new disciples of Christ

A zonal concert was held to conclude the effort on Sabbath, July 9, 2011.  Hosted by the now-famous neighbours from Queen Street, Speightstown, Edna and Myrna, praises in song were offered by various groups and individuals in the Northern Zone. 

image034.jpg@01CCCFD6.ECB86440    image036.jpg@01CCCFD6.ECB86440 

Sis. Angela Lambert, one of the newly-baptized members offers ministry in song  (above left).  “What! Never part again! No, never part again”
Bro. Eucklyn Thompson reminds us that we will soon reign with our returning King (above right) while the Phoenix children believe that our Saviour is “Mighty to Save” as hosts Sis. Kimmelle “Edna” Austin and Sis. Kimberley “Myrna” Forte look on.

image038.jpg@01CCCFD6.ECB86440       image040.jpg@01CCCFD6.ECB86440


Though a solemn occasion when dark colours are normally worn, black and white bring most popular for our Communion Service each quarter, our Communication Desk took the opportunity during the service held on Sabbath, August 13, 2011 to document the service.  It is a time when we dwell on Jesus’ sacrifice on the Cross to save us from our sins, and the opportunity is given to celebrate this sacrifice, as through Him, we are no longer slaves to sin but are free to serve Him!  A special offering is also collected for the Benevolence Fund which serves those in need, and a time for “Testimonies” time affords us the time to share with each other God’s goodness to us. 


Ordained Elders lead in the distribution of the unleavened bread and unfermented wine. 
From left: Eld. Colin Jordan, Pr. Jason Reid, Eld. Charles Hinds, Eld. Vincent Greenidge and Eld. Wendel Cozier. 



Past and current students of the University of the Southern Caribbean (USC), formerly the Caribbean Union College (CUC) and Caribbean Training College (CTC) participated in an anniversary programme held at the Church on Sabbath, August 27, 2011 to celebrate 84 years of ministry, education and service.  The morning session provided a flashback of student life on the campus in earlier years and the afternoon’s programme featured a tribute to Pastor Clive Dottin, the Youth Director of the Caribbean Union, who was also the guest speaker for the day’s service.


Sis. Lindsay Jordan (current student, standing left) displays a Bajan “jukking board” also known as a “scrubbing board” which was used by past students of the CTC and CUC in the presence of former students including Sisters Amaida Greaves, Norma Greaves and Ishbel Bayne.

Below, Sis. Verna Francis (standing left) reads a story for the Children’s Focus to the large group of attentive children and Pathfinders of the Northern Zone fall in to pay tribute to Pastor Clive Dottin.

image046.jpg@01CCCFD6.ECB86440      image048.jpg@01CCCFD6.ECB86440


Whether tiny tots in arms at baby dedications or young people and adults at baptism, we at Mile & A Quarter, love new additions to our family.  We extended the right hand of fellowship to those recently baptised and we also welcomed babies Razari, Khamani and Josiah into fellowship. 


image050.jpg@01CCCFD6.ECB86440       DSC00146 

ABOVE Left: A section of the congregation in song at the baptism.
ABOVE Right: Bro. & Sis. Malcolm and Thirza O’Neale prepare for baptism.

BELOW Left: Sis. Tamisha Springer, Bro. Carl Headley, Sis. Jamie Cumberbatch, Sis. Shemeniah McClean, Sis. Shaorah McClean and Sis. Rynisha Bowen are welcomed into our family.
BELOW Right: Sis. Christina King, Sis. Thirza O’Neale and Bro. Malcolm O’Neale receive the right hand of fellowship.

image054.jpg@01CCCFD6.ECB86440      image056.jpg@01CCCFD6.ECB86440

BELOW left: Baby Razari, in the arms of Daddy Ricky Moore, is welcomed into fellowship as Mummy Andrea (pictured left) and other family friends look on.  BELOW right: Sis. Gail Johnson and Sis. Courtney Jordan present literature on behalf of the Children’s Division.

DSC00340     DSC00338 


image062.jpg@01CCCFD6.ECB86440    image064.jpg@01CCCFD6.ECB86440

ABOVE left: Eld. Wendel Cozier and Eld. Vincent Greenidge offer a special prayer on behalf of little Khamani, son of Keishann Clement and baby Josiah, son of Bro. & Sis. Elvis and Karen Walrond.


The date of Fathers’ Day this year fell within the period we participated in the Gospel Campaign at Black Bess, but the thoughtful ladies of the Sabbath School department ensured that our fathers did not feel left out.  On return to Church in July 2011, these special gentlemen were presented with tokens of appreciation. 


image066.jpg@01CCCFD6.ECB86440     image068.jpg@01CCCFD6.ECB86440

ABOVE left: Bro. Patrick Sandiford receives his special token from Sis. Wilma Burnham-Bynoe.
ABOVE right: Bro. Clifford Jordan (middle) and Bro. Roger Ward (right) receive their tokens presented by Sis. Wendy McClean.


The work of the Community Services Department is never over - weekly Sunday meals-on-wheels, assisting parents in our community with school supplies, street ministry in Bridgetown, responding to community crises and general needs are but a few of the duties of this most vibrant department of our Church.  The members of the department took some time out to celebrate Community Services Day on Sabbath, August 20, 2011. 


ABOVE: The MAQ Community Services Choir provided a special item of music. 

DSC00234  DSC00247 

ABOVE left: One of the graduates, Sis. Asenath Walkes (left) receives her certificate of participation for her successful completion of the Psychological First Aid Course held in May 2011.   

ABOVE right: Mr. Leman King (centre), a member of the Mile & A Quarter community whose house was destroyed by fire, receives a cheque on behalf of his family from Community Services Leader Sis. Harriet Cozier (left) as Usher Sis. Cicely Knight looks on. 


ABOVE: It was story time for the children when Sis. Sheila Johnson, Deputy Community Services Director and a long-standing member of the Community Services department presented the Children’s Feature. 


It’s been a busy time in the Roseville Pathfinder Club as they prepared for evaluation in November 2011.  From hiking to camping to outreach, the effervescent members of the Club strive to represent Christ in all that they do.  On Sabbath, September 17, 2011, the Club celebrated Pathfinder Day, during which the units participated in all aspects of the morning session. 

image078.jpg@01CCCFD6.ECB86440   image080.jpg@01CCCFD6.ECB86440 

ABOVE: All units construct replicas of the sanctuary, a process which formed process of achieving one of the Sanctuary Honours.

BELOW left: Sisters Leanana Stewart, Jodie Cumberbatch and Shakeila Gill were the Choristers for the programme.  BELOW right: Sis. Dileneisia Hinds ably led the Lesson Study Review session.

image082.jpg@01CCCFD6.ECB86440    image084.jpg@01CCCFD6.ECB86440


ABOVE: Drama in Session - Bro. Christian “Daniel” Greenidge returns unharmed from the lion’s den much to the amazement of Sis. Chelsea “King Darius” Jordan and guards.


ABOVE: Pathinfinders began this year’s Expedition at the Oldbury Campsite.



In preparation for the Year of Health in 2012, the Health Ministries team, led by Sis. Jeanette Babb, hosted two major events in the last two quarters, Health Ministries Day in April and Health Week in September 2011.  Health Week featured a variety of topics presented by Dr. Samuel Millar, Sis. Jean Greaves and Sis. Kimberly Phillips during then nightly sessions.  The week concluded with a presentation by Pr. Ricardo Selman during the Divine Service on Sabbath, September 24, 2011 and a Health Expo on the grounds of the TriMart Junction Supermarket.

P4230095 - Copy   DSC00343 - Copy 

ABOVE: The Health Ministries Team never disappoint with their various displays. 
BELOW: Children collect their healthy treats, compliments the Health Ministries Department.

P4230104 - Copy


DSC00332   DSC00335 - Copy


ABOVE left: Sis. Kimberly Phillips giving tips on acquiring fitful rest.
ABOVE right: Our First Elder, Eld. Wendel Cozier is interviewed by Sis. Jeanette Babb on his health choices.

BELOW left: Bon Appétit!  This booth was most popular at the Health Expo where complimentary samples of health foods were offered to visitors.  BELOW right: Bro. Euklyn Worrell of Speightstown SDA Church (seated in the foreground) assisted this patron with his Body Mass Index reading.

DSC00356  DSC00354


No more tears


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